Felt book for babies (from 1 year)

The book contains 8 pages, 7 of which are games, and the last page is a pocket for storing details.
A felt book is a very useful and original toy for a child. It has many useful functions for a baby: it develops tactile sensations, teaches role-playing games, counting, the alphabet, helps develop fine motor skills, mindfulness.
The child loves to explore the world around him, fingers touch and learn about various objects and surfaces and transmit signals to the brain. Especially your baby will like a soft book made of felt, because it is so pleasant and curious to look at it!

Also, such books made of felt are called quiet (quiet book), due to the fact that while the baby is busy with a book, silence and tranquility will reign in the house.
The books are completely handmade. They are easy to care for and can be washed at 30% on a hand wash cycle.

Price: €34
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