Soft toy-pillow Comet

Softness and tenderness - this is how we would describe this pillow in a nutshell. But why do it when she deserves more? Decorative pillow Comet from Orange Toys is made using the softest high-quality materials, so the pillow is attractive not only visually, but also extremely pleasant to the touch. Thanks to the high-quality Super Soft filler, sleeping on the Comet is as cozy and comfortable as possible. The pillow is ideal for comfortable travel in the car because you can rely on it at any time and will never let you down. The comet is perfect as an addition to a cool sofa in the living room or a delicate feather bed in a child's bedroom. Incredible tenderness in everything!

Price: €22

Material: textiles

Care: Hand wash at 30 °

Country brand: Russia

Recommendations: Recommended for adults and children older than 3 years.

Certificates: All Orange soft toys are of impeccable quality. The products are certified by European and SES bodies of Russia. The orange toys are fully compliant with the basic safety and quality requirements

lwh: 57x35x10 mm

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