Pillow - sun

Incredibly cute and kind pillow Sunshine from Orange Toys!
This pillow will always cheer you up, even when it is not at all joyful outside the window.
The sun is made of the softest high quality materials that will give you an incredibly pleasant tactile sensation as soon as you touch it. And thanks to a pleasant bright color, any interior will instantly change and will delight everyone around.
The pillow is also ideal for car trips, especially long ones. At any moment you can take a nap in the heavenly body and restore your strength before future achievements!
May the sun always shine!
** Please pay your attention to the fact that the shade of the center of the sun is slightly different from the rays (by several tones of warmth). Don't worry, it was meant to be, live it creates a very beautiful transfusion of colors.**

  • 50/15/45 cm

Cena: €22
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