New covers and new pages for a silent book

4 new covers for a silent book!
You can choose any cover or suggest your own.
New covers:
1) Leo
2) Unicorn
3) Elephant
4) Matryoshka

13 new pages to choose from for the silent book. For babies from 1.5 to 6 years.
The book contains 8 pages, where 7 pages are games, and the last page is for storage. You can choose any 7 pages and any cover. This will make your book unique.
(after ordering, we will agree the details with you)

New pages:
1) Where is my mother?
2) Where is whose tail?
3) and 4) We learn to count to 10, we learn fruit.
5) and 6) We solve puzzles.
7) Who eats what?
8) Learn colors.
9) We look for objects and develop motor skills.
10) and 11) We help the girl to choose clothes.
12) and 13) We help the boy choose clothes.

And also pages:
14) We count to 10 with two hands.
15) We learn rainbow colors.
16) Where is my house?
18) Let's help the mouse out of the maze.
19) We make pizza.
20) We help the mouse / bull to pick up the clothes

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