Soft toy-pillow Crescent

“I’m ready for anything for you! I will get the moon from the sky! " Will you say that these are only promises? Not at all, because fortunately in our time it is enough to click on the "Add to cart" button and voila! The promise was fulfilled, and most importantly, everyone is happy! This celestial object pillow from Orange Toys is made using the softest high-quality materials that will give you and your loved ones incredible peace and joy as soon as you touch it. Children love this pillow for its cute eyes and soft handles. It is amazingly comfortable to lie on the Moon, thanks to the softest Super Soft filler. The pillow is also ideal for long journeys by car, as it does not take up much space, and you will always have someone to cuddle with in the back seat! And thanks to its pleasant blue color, the pillow is perfect as an addition to the decor in the living room or in the child's bedroom, or it may just be perfect to match someone's eyes.

Price: €22-20%=17€

Material: textiles

Care: Hand wash at 30 °

Country brand: Russia

Recommendations: Recommended for adults and children older than 3 years.

Certificates: All Orange soft toys are of impeccable quality. The products are certified by European and SES bodies of Russia. The orange toys are fully compliant with the basic safety and quality requirements

lwh: 36x35x12 mm

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