Fishy Plush Pillow 30cm

Do you know what our fish is alike? Large, round, bright and very soft. So much that with your cheek you will know what the real meaning of word Softness is. It has a slightly silly look (like many very beautiful people), especially when your hand sticks out of her mouth... Oh, forget to say that she has a secret pocket, where you can put your hands and make fun performances. Ocean collection - for enjoyment and relaxation.

Price: €13

Material: Polyester fiber and polyethylene pellets Plastic accessories Artificial fur, knitwear

Country brand: Russia

Care: Handwash, 30°, do not: bleach, iron and tumble dry

Certificates: All Orange soft toys are of impeccable quality. The products are certified by European and SES bodies of Russia. The orange toys are fully compliant with the basic safety and quality requirements

lwh: 30x26x21 mm

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