Whale Plush Pillow 35cm

Whales are graceful, mysterious and incredibly huge creatures. You must agree that having such an incredible representative of nature at home is a pride, not alive, of course. But very soft, small and cute. You can’t swim the ocean on it but to lie down on it after a hard day and turn on Animal Planet is very possible. Not only possible but also needed! After all, lying on it is very convenient! Whale is made out of incredibly soft material, as well as has a special pocket for the hand to make it easier to lie on or create theatrical sea performances!

Price: €13

Material: Polyester fiber and polyethylene pellets Plastic accessories Artificial fur, knitwear

Country brand: Russia

Care: Handwash, 30°, do not: bleach, iron and tumble dry

Certificates: All Orange soft toys are of impeccable quality. The products are certified by European and SES bodies of Russia. The orange toys are fully compliant with the basic safety and quality requirements

lwh: 35x18x15 mm

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