Plush toy WHOzies

WHOzies - small fluffy lumps with big eyes, eyes that also glow! Now your favorite WHO zies is endowed with superpowers!
WHOzies has built-in LEDs that change eye color!
Even more fun to play!
Instructions: To turn on, turn the switch to the ON position on the module, which is located in the pocket at the bottom of the toy.
Now pull out the plastic battery separator, by the way, the batteries are already included! (1.5V x 2pcs AAA)
Now put the module inside the toy, press the area just above the eyes and watch the light magic!

Cena: €13

Filler - polyester fiber and polyethylene granules
Fur, artificial, knitted
Plastic fittings
Hand wash at 30° (take out the plastic box with the batteries)
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