Basik Bag

Fantastic cross-body handbag Basik "Tiger Cub". Baby Basik in an egg yolk-colored suit with caramel-honey stripes and a hood with round ears, and a cute tiger cub face.

The spectacular shoulder strap is made with the BUDI BASA logo print and the image of a tiger cub Basik. With a bright friend on your shoulder, it's fun to run along sunny paths and jump over sparkling puddles!

Soft, pleasant to the touch, practical and easy to care for.
One compartment of the bag closes with a plastic zipper.
The lining is made of silky material to match the main color of the bag.

  • Material: Silicone.
  • Belt: adjustable, removable, width - 3.5 cm, minimum length - 69 cm, maximum - 124 cm.
  • Accessories: blackened silver.
  • Specifications
  • Size - 16.5×6×20 cm

Cena: €59.50-30%= 43€
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