Basik Bag

Light and comfortable handbag of a soft rectangular shape with a charming Basik muzzle. A bright accent is added to the handbag by a belt - wide, branded with the "Basik & Co" logo, which allows you to carry the handbag both on the belt and cross-body. A little perfection of lines and shapes!

Practical and easy to care for.
The bag closes with a plastic zipper.
Inside there are 2 compartments: the main and an additional pocket.
The lining is made of silky material to match the main color of the bag.

  • Size: 18(34)×6×10 cm.
  • Material: Silicone.
  • Color: light gray.
  • Belt: adjustable, removable, width - 3.5 cm, minimum length - 59 cm, maximum - 90 cm.
  • Accessories: blackened silver.
  • Specifications
  • Size - 18×6×10 cm

Cena: €59.50-30%= 43€
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