Pillow - soccer ball

The Relax decorative pillow collection from Orange Toys has a telling name. Everything in this collection is designed so that the owner of the pillow can relax.
Pillow Ball is suitable for both children and adults. Children will love the toy because it can be perfectly used in the game, and adults will love it, because now playing football at home is not such a bad idea, because nothing will break.
By the way, an adult goalkeeper can now lie down while guarding the goal, so we advise you to take a "spare ball", by the way, they are in two colors at once, in blue and red - for each team. And after your home football game, it will be incredibly pleasant to do an evening sofa analytics of your favorite team's game with our comfortable pillow ball.
Thanks to the insanely pleasant to the touch stretching textiles, high-quality Super Soft filler will be unforgettably pleasant to lie on the pillow.
You can put a pillow in the nursery, in the hall, in the bedroom, in general, any place in the house and in the car will do!

  • 30/30/30 cm

Cena: €22 -20% = 18€
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