Soft toy-pillow Rainbow

Decorative pillow Rainbow from Orange Toys is made of the softest, most delicate stretching plush and Super Soft filler, materials that will give you peace and harmony. Drop all worries and negative emotions. Feel not the burden of responsibility and worries, but a rainbow on your shoulders and neck. After all, the world is beautiful and you are beautiful, and everything else ceases to matter, the only important thing is that you have a Rainbow pillow from Orange Toys! The pleasant color palette will perfectly complement your decor in your child's living room or bedroom. You can also take a pillow with you on a long trip by car, train, or plane, even on a bicycle! Live and enjoy! Embrace the immensity, embrace the rainbow!

Price: €22

Material: textiles

Care: Hand wash at 30 °

Country brand: Russia

Recommendations: Recommended for adults and children older than 3 years.

Certificates: All Orange soft toys are of impeccable quality. The products are certified by European and SES bodies of Russia. The orange toys are fully compliant with the basic safety and quality requirements

lwh: 33x40x12 mm

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