Bed linen set (panda)

Bedding sets from JUNO are a real concern for the mood and healthy sleep of children. The fabric is 100% cotton - poplin, eco-friendly and safe from birth. It has excellent hygienic properties: it does not provoke irritation on the delicate skin of the baby and will not cause allergic reactions, does not slip, does not stick to the body, very soft to the touch.

An important plus is that our poplin bed linen can be used in any season: in summer it keeps a pleasant coolness, and in winter it retains heat perfectly. JUNO kits are a wonderful and necessary gift! Cute and delicate prints cause only delight and affection, and every mother will appreciate the quality, ease of care and long service life.

Package Contents:
  • Pillowcase 40*60
  • Duvet cover 112*147
  • Bed sheet 110*150

Cena: €34 - 50% = €17
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